PK’s Tools


This program is a .texture file Coder/Decoder. It can take many .texture files and convert them back to their original source image files (usually .dds files) and also take files that have been previously decoded with this program and turn them back into .texture files. It has just two simple buttons. Here’s what they do:

  • The Convert File button asks you for an input file, either a .texture file or a graphics file that’s been previously opened with the DeTexurizer. Once you’ve chosen a file, it’ll ask you where you want the output to go to. If you chose a .texture file, it’ll “DeTexturize” the file and spit out an image file in the output directory, along with a .XML file that contains the details necessary for the program to “Texturize” the file back into a .texture file. If you chose an image file, it’ll search for the aforementioned .XML file. If it finds it, it’ll take the data from the .XML file and the image file and “Texturize” that information back into a .texture file. If that .texture file already exists in the directory, it’ll make a .BAK backup copy first before performing this re-encoding.
  • The Convert Directory button does the exact same thing as the Convert File button does, but en masse. Instead of asking you for an input file, it’ll ask you for an input directory. Then it’ll ask you for an output directory. Once you’ve chosen these, it’ll ask you if you want to Texturize images, or DeTexturize .texture files. Once you’ve made that choice, it’ll automatically attempt to perform this action for EVERY file within that directory. Then it will spit out a text file containing the results of these attempted conversions.

Caveats: The program is in BETA stage, and has only been successfully tested on a few directories and a few different types of .texture files. Also, if you try to point it to a directory with files that aren’t image or .texture files, it WILL try to Texturize/DeTexturize those inappropriate files as well, so be sure that you use this program intentionally!

Homecoming Dev Tracker

Want to keep track of your favorite Homecoming Developers/Mods/Admins/GM/CRs? I’ve got you covered.

Homecoming BBCoder

Was originally created for the Homecoming forums before they switch to Invision Community. Should still work for any bbCode based forum!

Powers Checker

Want to check what powers your Powers have? Try out the Powers Checker! WARNING: This application takes a LONG time to load, because it uses an Excel file as its “database”. This will be replaced sometime in the future with a SQL Database powered ASP.NET website.

You can right click in any grid to export the current view to an Excel file.

PK’s Def File Translator

  • Header – Shows the current file that’s stored in the DataSet that you’re viewing.
  • Read Def File Button – Allows you to read in an input Def File, display it onscreen, and alter it.
  • Read Excel File Button – Allows you to read in an input Excel file (of this program’s specific format), display it onscreen, and alter it.
  • Write Def File Button – Allows you to save the current DataSet into the Def file format.
  • Write Excel File Button – Allows you to save the current DataSet into the Excel file format.
  • Object – A list of DefObjects in the current DataSet.
  • Data Grid – Displays an alterable grid of data for the current DefObject.

Download Here