CoH Modder

This application allows users and Modders alike to have an easy and standardized interface for creating, storing, and handling client-side mods. It provides for a simple installation and removal of mods, and allows Mod creators to create zipped mods that contain meta-data in a fairly simple easy-to-use way.

In the latest version, you’re able to reduce the list of visible mods to the category that you choose!

To start using the program and using mods made by it:

  • Start it up and choose your CoH install directory
  • The top grid will show all mods currently found on my server for download. From this grid, you can select and either just download, or install the mod immediately
  • In the second grid, you’ll see the results of the program scanning of CoH install directory for any “CoH Modder” mods previously made with this program, and display whether they are installed or not
  • You can then either choose the zipped mods that you’ve downloaded and put into the /mods directory to install, or…
  • If you choose a mod that was previously installed, you can Remove it at any time
  • You can also click the “Browse for Mod to Install” button to browse your PC for a specific CoH Modder file to install into the system automatically.
  • As a bonus, if there were already files existing that the mod over-wrote, these files have been backed up and will be restored when the mod is removed!

To start making your own mods:

  1. Click the Create/Edit Mod button on the main window
  2. Enter in the required Author, Mod Name, and Description
  3. Click the Browse… button by the Source File textbox, and choose your source file
  4. Click the Browse… button by the Destination text box, and choose the destination in your local copy of the City of Heroes folder where you want the file to appear to the client
  5. Click the Add/Edit File button to add the file to the list of Mod Files
  6. Alternatively, if you’ve already setup a mod in a clean CoH installation, just click the “Add Data Folder to Files” button, and all files will be automatically added to the mod!
  7. When all Mod Files have been added, you can click the Save Mod button to choose a file name to save it to. The resulting file will be zipped automatically!
  8. If you instead want to not only save a mod, but also share it immediately with the CoH Modder userbase, instead click the Save and Upload Mod button. This will save the file and also automatically upload the mod and it’s information to the server to be viewed by others in their CoH Modder applications.

To modify an existing mod:

  1. Click the Load Mod button
  2. Find the Mod zip file that you want to modify/edit
  3. The file will be loaded into the program for alteration
  4. If you want to change a specific file’s Target:
    1. Click on the file in the grid, and then click on the Destination and choose a new destination.
    2. After the destination has changed, click the Add/Edit File button to save the change
  5. If you with instead to remove the file:
    1. Click on the file in the grid
    2. Click the Remove File button after you’ve selected the file.
    3. Note: If you remove all files in this way, you won’t be able to save the mod, as there won’t be any mod to save!
  6. Click the Save Mod button to save your changes. The existing file will be automatically over-written, and the version number will be automatically incremented!
  7. If you click the Save and Upload Mod, then the existing mod on the server should be automatically updated.