13 thoughts on “New Tool – CoH Modder!”

  1. A fricken fantastic Modder Tool! I myself have uploaded several mods to this tool and have downloaded a few as well! An extremely useful tool for modders or anyone who wishes to downloaded any or all of these great mods! Thank you @The Philotic Knight!

  2. Is there any chance you could also have a version that does not communicate with the internet? While I personally trust this tool and the folks involved, I have friends who feel skeptical allowing such a program to communicate with another network; they’d enjoy manually setting up .zip/.rar mods but aren’t inclined towards the network aspect. I’d believe they could always restrict the application’s internet connectivity, but my friends aren’t too particularly savy (and hence their appeal toward this project).

    1. No, I’m afraid not. The good news is the source code is available and right there, so anyone that doesn’t “trust” the program, can go get the code, look at it, see what it’s doing, and if they want to, setup their own server or rewrite it to not use the internet!

  3. question, with the new Homecoming installer the directory created is Homecoming there is no CoH Install directory so where do I direct it to go without the CoH Install directory?

  4. This looks great, and I’ve tried to upload but got a confused by the “Destination” on the Create/Edit Mod pane.

    I fancy uploading my audio sets for Dual Wield and Teleport.

    But I want to use a bunch of files, not just one.

    For example, with teleport I want to put…
    Teletrans 2,3 and 4 .ogg files in..
    E:\Games\City of Heroes\piggs\sound\Ogg\Powers

    … the game doesn’t read zip files, does it?

    1. I got this to work.

      You need to add the files one by one and then click upload – the instructions are quite clear. You don’t make the Mod.Info file or make the .zip file, the program does all that for you.

      1. As another alternative to the “one by one” method, you can also just wipe your “/data” directory entirely, then place ALL of the files that you want into your mod into the correct places in the /data directory, then in the Create/Edit Mod screen, just click the “Add Data Folder to Files” button, and the program will automatically can your entire /data directory, and all all of the files as the source files, and automatically setup the proper relative paths for the destinations.


  5. Having trouble with the install. I click to download and it is saying it’s a 7Z file type and it doesn’t work.

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