Dev Tracker Issues

It looks like we’ve outgrown our web host with the additional data that I’m collecting in the Dev Tracker. So, I’m now considering moving hosts. As a trial, I’m testing out using AWS for the tracker, which you can now see as links under the PK’s Tools page, called “Alternate Dev Tracker 1” and “Alternate Dev Tracker 2”

PK’s Powers Checker Upgrade

I have now “upgraded” the Powers Checker application to use Microsoft’s ACE OLEDB library to load the Excel sheet as if it’s a database for querying, rather than using EPPlus to import the ExcelPackage one row at a time. This speeds up the startup of the application SUBSTANTIALLY, from something like five minutes to just a couple of seconds.

If anyone gets any errors running this new version, try installing the required Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable ( first, then try again. If you still can’t load it, contact me on the Homecoming forums, and I’ll look into it. I have saved the EPPlus method in the code as a backup in case this fails for most people. I’ve also updated the source code zip file with the latest version of the source code.

Dev Tracker Back Online!

I’ve updated the Homecoming Dev Tracker, so it’s back online for the first time since Homecoming moved to the Invision Community. I’ve also sped it up to take about a fourth of the time that it used to take to load, by making use of asynchronous functions. Yay coding upgrade! You can check it out under PK’s Tools page as per usual, as well as download the latest version of my nasty code. New things are coming… Soon™

Patreon Failure and Cancellation

It is with a sad heart that I write that the Patreon has failed. We’d only managed to raise a paltry sum of $36.42 out of the needed $120 necessary to support a fully dedicated server:

I appreciate all of those that had donated, and I want you all to rest assured, that as promised, since we didn’t meet our goal, the total sum of what you’ve provided (and then some) has been donated to the charity Child’s Play:

So, where do we go from here? Well, this is still my own personal passion – to bring back the old City of Heroes forums in a searchable format, and to provide a home for any tools that might benefit the community. So, I’m going to bite the bullet, move forward, and pay out of pocket for a dedicated server (and find some way to work it into my personal budget that it doesn’t affect my marriage!).

Perhaps after the project has born fruit, others in the community might see the benefit of this site, and the services that I hope to offer here, and would be willing to help support me endeavors. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of Project Spelunker and future initiatives… Soon™